Having a large fleet in Masssachusetts can be a cumbersome task getting all your annual inspections done, and also very expensive!  Our clients tell us how great the service is we offer and how they are saving money and have stated that it could take as long as a month or longer to get all there vehicles inspected bringing there fleet one by one to a station.  We setup in your garage bay where you are always #1 in line, no more driving 3 towns over to sit for an hour and a half or longer!  We also keep a track record of your fleets inspection dates and notify you in advance which vehicles are due up for there inspection sticker.  If you have a fleet mechanic onsite we will work with them to ensure a smooth inspection process. Contact us for scheduling or to ask any questions you may have. 

Keep Your Vehicles in Compliance. Click Here For Safety Checklist

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    We Work Hard To Please You

    We are dedicated to providing our customers Inspection needs throughout the Common Wealth of Massachusetts. We carry a valid Class F Mobile Inspection Station License which allows us to inspect any fleet vehicle or trailer conveniently at your location. Our Mobile unit is equipped with state of the art equipment to perform inspections quickly and efficiently. We strive to satisfy our customers needs by operating early morning to late evening by appointment working around your schedule to limit vehicle downtime.

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    fmcsa stickerBeing a part of the Federal and State regulated safety and emissions program we believe in delivering the best possible service to all our current and new customers.  We inspect all commercial and fleet vehicles ranging from <10,000 - 26,001> GVWR.  We can also perform off-road inspections which include cranes, loaders, farm equipment ect.
    We also inspect trailers of any size and weight that are being used for commerce.  If your truck and trailer GCVW exceed 10,001 both are required to have a commercial inspection done to be in compliance with the state of Massachusetts. Trailers and converter dollies in use after January 1, 2009 must be in compliance with this new inspection.